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Hospitable living in the heart of Amsterdam


Welcome to the Hugo de Groothof!

How nice that you found us. We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

We are twelve adults and four children who together form a community in the heart of Amsterdam, the Hugo de Groothof. We love to let others share in our open and involved way of living together. That is why we cordially invite you to be our guest for a short time.



The community is an initiative of the Protestant Diaconie. From our different Christian backgrounds we have an open and involved way of living together. We love to let others share in the pleasure, the warmth and the beauty and in the spiritual, philosophical, social and artistic inspiration. This is how the plan to create a guesthouse was born.

Community life in the Hugo de Groothof takes shape around four central values:


God as the source of life is key. With Him our soul finds peace and joy. The community searches for habits that points at this source, such as praying, singing and listening together.



Jesus made people reach their destiny He did justice to the vulnerable. In this way, the community also wants to create a place where we really see vulnerable people. From Jesus we learn that the impressive things are hidden in the small. We are committed to make the people who come our way bloom.


The community wants to be a place where people support and encourage each other. We long for a place of connection between generations and cultures. A place where you are seen and appreciated as a person. A place that feels like home, where there is room for everyone.


The life of people, plants and animals is a gift. The seasons, growing grass or the blooming magnolia: they testify of God's faithfulness. The community is committed to contribute to a beautiful place and neighborhood. Where it is nice to live. Where it grows and blooms.



You need a temporary change of scenery. To gain new inspiration, to attend a conference, to be able to work on a project undisturbed or just to catch your breath. You are attracted to life in a vibrant, cultural and multicolored city like Amsterdam, but you are also looking for peace, rhythm and safety. Do you recognize this? Then we invite you to stay in our guesthouse for a short or longer period.


The building with guest room is a fifteen minute walk from the center and the Jordaan, is close to Leidseplein and the Museum Quarter and just around the corner there is a wide range of shops, cafes and restaurants - and yet you imagine yourself, within the walls of the stately building (which once housed widows and orphans) in a different, calmer time.


The guesthouse consists of a living room with fully equipped kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with shower / toilet. On Wednesday, the community uses the communal meal in the living room. Other activities are in consultation with the guest. The garden is freely accessible.

Do you want

... to be our guest for a while? You can respond if you:

  • want to join the weekly meal on Wednesday one or more times. Maybe you even want to cook once? You are welcome to participate in spontaneous activities. We like to hear ideas;

  • attend a morning / evening prayer at least once a week;

  • want to stay for a maximum of 6 weeks;

  • want to tell us and/or show us what you have done, made or experienced at the end of your stay;

  • you can pay a rental price of € 20 per day.

Long-term guests have a preference, as well as guests who want and can actively participate in community life. But do not hesitate to respond, and consultation is always possible, including about the financial contribution. Send us an email at leefgemeenschap.hugodegroot [at], or fill in the contact form below.




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